Top 10 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites of 2019

Sports streaming sites is a new trend nowadays. Modern people with a busy schedule can now watch their favorite players playing the game whenever they want. Free Sports streaming sites are web portals where you enjoy your favorite sports matches.

With everyone having access to high-speed internet connectivity, It is easy for people to watch these gaming documentaries instead of going to the stadium. We have found a list of best and free live sports streaming sites of 2019 where you can stream your favorite sports matches online. Also, did we forget to mention that they are free? Have a look at the best Free sports streaming sites 2019:

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2019


It is one of the biggest and most preferably the best free sports streaming sites. You can watch the live stream of almost any sports event you can think of. On its homepage, you can check all the matches which are available to watch live. You will get info like sports name, team player details etc.

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The best part is that all the content is available in HD! The site survives by displaying advertisements so consider unblocking Adblock before accessing the site. There are multiple mirrors available to either stream or download content.

2. FromHot

It’s a free sports streaming site where you can stream sports events abut Hockey, Football, Basketball, tennis, Baseball, Motorsports, Golf etc. The user interface of this site is also very clean and responsive.

The homepage contains all the live streaming which you access pretty quickly. Every stream is free to watch; you don’t have to pay a single penny!

3. WatchESPN

This free sports streaming site is maintained by official ESPN channel. The user interface is quite remarkable and feels premium. Its one of the best sports streaming sites if you’re into US sports.

Also, this site is free from annoying advertisements. It also has an official app for Android and iOS users, so if you’re stuck at the airport and wanna watch some sports, you have the choice!


Don’t be afraid of the VIP name, its free of cost and probably the best free sports streaming sites available out there. Unfortunately, its blocked by some ISPs, in few countries.

But You can easily bypass that using a free VPN service. This is the only site which allows changing of themes, so if you don’t like the user interface, you have the choice to change it according to your taste.

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Rest of the features are same as we discussed int he above two. You can watch streams of Football, Basketball, Baseball and many more sports events easily.

5. Laola1

Laola1 is sure a weird name for a sports streaming site, but it works well. It offers football, hockey, volleyball, table tennis and much more on their site with HD streaming quality. There is also a bar on the website where you can see the details of all the live sports events happening around the globe.

You much try this free sports streaming site once, and you will get to know yourself. Also, the site has an excellent modern user interface which isn’t complicated as compared to other sports streaming sites.

6. Streamwoop

Streamwoop is another best live sports streaming platform which makes streaming sports online easier than you think. They have arranged every live sports show in accordance with their timing so that you won’t miss your favourite sports event ever again.

They have a number of sections such as live events, trending events, replays, and recent games which you can use to navigate through various sports events.

7. Sony Liv Sports

Sony Liv Sports is another big platform backed up by the technology giant known as Sony. Unlike other platforms, they notify you every time whenever a live sports show is being aired on this platform. They also have a live scoreboard on their platform.

Sony has also developed their Android and iOS apps which means you can stream your favourite sports events wherever and whenever you want.

8. Bosscast

Bosscast is one of the best live sports stream sites which allows you to stream almost every sports event online. They have hosted a big database which includes not only popular sports shows but also sports like rugby, soccer, tennis, ice hockey, hockey and horse racing too.

Unlike other sports streaming platform, they also have embedded a chat feature which allows you to chat with other users while streaming your favourite sports event.

9. StreamSports

StreamSports is another big sports streaming platform where you can find and watch your favourite sports events online. The best thing which I liked the most about this platform is the simplicity and easy navigation which you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

They have hosted highlights and replay section where you can watch the highlights of every sports event that you have streamed earlier.

10. SportLemons

SportLemons is a new sports streaming platform that has an open space for every sports lover to watch sports online. The best part is that you don’t need to register yourself on this platform. SportLemons has made watching sports online easier than before.

All you have to do is just visit the platform, select a sports event and press the Watch Now button and you are ready to go.


So, guys, these were a list of best sports streaming sites which offers free sports event streaming. If some of these sites are not working, try connecting with a VPN connection. This sometimes happens when your ISP has blocked those sites.

Also, make sure you don’t give any vital info if anything popups up and asks for a paid subscription. These sites are entirely free to use. If you are still finding any difficulty, then comment down below. We will be happy to assist you!

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