8 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS

The world is about to change, thanks to augmented reality. If you’re not yet familiar with the concept, augmented reality, or AI, is a way of exploring another reality and alternate possibilities using only your smartphone and an AI app. With augmented or virtual reality, you can superimpose digital images onto your personal space and “try them on” without putting down your smartphone. Some apps even make life easier by helping you accomplish certain tasks, like finding your car. Curious as to what’s out there? Let’s look at some of the best augmented reality apps you’ll soon want to own.

1. Google Lens

Smartphone cameras give you the ability to snap high-quality photographs wherever you go. Phone cameras have come a long way. One day, they’ll provide the quality that a DSLR does. Heck, some people think they already do! But, how would you like an app that can analyze the photo you just took and give you information about it? Google lens gives you that ability.

Here’s how it works. Suppose you just snapped a photo of a tree. Google Lens can analyze the contents of the photo and tell you what type of tree it is. Then, the app can give you information about other items in the photo. It doesn’t stop there either. If you photograph a book, album, or video game, it’ll tell you what it is and even direct you toward reviews on that item. What a way to get more mileage out of your smartphone!

2. Ink Hunter

You’ve always wanted a tattoo, but which should you choose? With Ink Hunter, you can “try on” various tattoos and see which best suits your image. First, choose from Ink Hunter’s extensive library of tattoos. Then, point it to the body part you want to try it out on. Voila! You’ll get a visual representation of how it will look on you. If you don’t like one, try another. You can even move your phone around and see how it will look from different angles. No more guesswork when choosing a tattoo.

3. Augmented Works

Ever struggle to find your car in a crowded parking lot? That could become a thing of the past with the augmented reality app called Augmented Works. Using it couldn’t be simpler. Tell the app where your car is parked. The app sets the location and gives you a visual mark displaying where your car is and which way you should walk to get to it. It even tells you the distance you have to go to get there. Plus, it doesn’t just work for your car. You can use it to find a motorcycle or bike as well. Never feel “lost” again with the help of this cutting-edge app.

4. Giphy World

GIFS are all the rage on social media, but you can one-up your GIF game with the GIPHY World app. This app lets you choose stickers and 3-dimensional objects from GIPHY’s extensive library and add them to your own space. Once you’ve decorated your space, shoot a video and share your unique creation with the world. You can add famous statues, works of art, and even planets to your reality and quickly turn them into a shareable GIF. Social media will never be the same!

5. Just a Line

Would you like to share your doodles and scribbles with the world? Just a Line is an augmented reality app that lets you do just that. With Just a Line, you can doodle in the air by physically moving your smartphone through space in artistic ways to create a virtual masterpiece. Then, use video to share it to your favorite social media platform. The designers of Just a Line recently released a version that lets you create a masterpiece with a partner. To do this, place your phone next to someone else’s and tap the partner icon. Voila! Your phones can now work together to create a drawing. It won’t necessarily turn you into an artist, but doodling is a great stress reliever and you just might discover your inner Picasso.

6. Vuforia Chalk

Have you ever had a tech problem and not been able to describe exactly what the problem is? Vuforia Chalk makes life for the tech-challenged easier. When you need help or advice, connect with your favorite techie by launching a video call. Then point the back of your smartphone camera to your computer monitor. Now, you and the techies you’re connected with can mark on the screen using augmented reality and show you how to fix your problem. No more stumbling around to find the wrong tech terms to describe what you need to fix. No need to talk “geek speak” when a screenshot is worth a thousand words. Actually, Vuforia Chalk allows you to show a live view of any workspace. It comes in handy any time you need to collaborate with others on a project.

7. AR Measure Kit

Your smartphone can be more than just a smartphone with AR Measure Kit. Once you download the app, you can pull out your phone to measure whatever you need from the size of a doorway to the dimensions of a whole room. Just point the camera on your phone to the object you want to measure. As you move your phone around and the measurements will appear on your screen. It’ more fun to use than a ruler too!


ELSA stands for English Smart Speech Assistant and it’ll help you not to bungle the pronunciation of words. It’s one thing to look a word up in the dictionary but quite another to pronounce it correctly. With ELSA, you dial in the word and it gives you the appropriate pronunciation. No more embarrassing moments where you mispronounce a word!

Enjoy the world of augmented reality! What’s your favorite AR app? Let us know in the comments below.

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